KNX/EIB Basic Course

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For professional planning, projecting, commissioning and service on KNX/EIB installations, a sound knowledge of KNX/EIB will save much time in projects. In this worldwide manifold proven course, you will get a thorough introduction into all the fundamentals of proper KNX installations, programming of bus devices via ETS4 (Engineering Tool Software) as well as on performing service tasks on existing installations.

You will easily become familiar with the KNX/EIB technology and learn how to plan and commission bus installations during practice phases.

On the last course day, the official test (theory & practice) is included. On successful completion, you will be awarded the official KNX association certificate proving your founded knowledge on KNX/EIB and you will have the option of joining the KNX/EIB partnership programme. As a KNX++ certified training centre, BFE-Oldenburg will make all KNX association special offers on ETS Software Licences available for KNX course participants.



Commissioning engineers, configuring engineers, service personnel, maintenance engineers.


Knowledge on conventional electrical building installation, basic windows software handling.

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After successful participation you will be able to perform planning, configuring and service on KNX/EIB installations.


You will get a bfe-course certificate stating the contents of the course. After passing the test, additionally you will be awarded the KNX association certificate. More details see above.


1. Tag: 09.00 Uhr - 16.30 Uhr
weitere Tage: 08.00 Uhr - 15.30 Uhr


40 Unterrichtsstunden



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